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Delicious D!! Yup that was what peeps in San Jose knew Me as. KSJS, 90.5 FM, Radio Aztlan, Freestyle Fridays, etc, etc. I'm Now in Fresno California at Q97. I changed my On Air name to "Chico Rodriguez" by request of the boss here. My story is that after KSJS I went to Super Estrella in Campbell, Ca. Shortly I moved to Las Vegas and was at Hot 97.5, which I really didn't enjoy at all.

I will be updating this site in the next few weeks, adding both new and old pictures that I never got the chance to post up on here.

Lookin' For The Freestyle?? Go to for all your 411 on Freestyle news, artist, albums, events, etc, etc.

Thank You for swinging by my site once again, and See you at Freestyle Remix!


Chico "Delicious D" Rodriguez