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Latino Hip-Hop artist are among the most UNDER RATED rappers of today; but In fact I believe that Latin rappers can stand as some of the MOST talented rap artist today. Here are some of the album's art work of a few Rappers & and groups to help you find them easier. These are the titles that I believe to has some of the tightest production, and complex rhyme style.

Many of you might already know about Control Machete, The group from outta Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico was made up of two rappers and one dj. Fermin IV, El Pato, and Dj Toy. Produced by Jason Roberts and Antonio Herenadez. Both albums are off the hook, and out did there English competitors of the time.

Under, are other artist and titles that are out standing Hip-Hop albums! Only if everyone could understand Spanish, everyone would run to get them!!